by Bill Klimah from Bolingbrook, IL

8 jumbo chicken wings, trim excess fat
Half gallon of water
4 limes, squeeze the limes dry with a lime squeezer
1/8 cup Kosher Salt
Your favorite poultry dry rub or Arthur Byrant™s Poultry rub (Bass Pro Shop)
Your favorite BBQ sauce
Lump hardwood charcoal and a small piece (size of your fist) of cherry wood.

1. Mix water, lime juice and Kosher Salt together and brine the chicken wings for 1 hour only
2. Place wings on aluminum foil for half hour to dry out slightly
3. Apply dry rub liberally to both side of the wings
4. Marinate for 1 hour
5. Prepare charcoal in center of grill to high heat and set cherry wood on coals
6. When the heat source is smoking, place wings on grates and cook both sides to when they appear done on the outside
7. Put wings on the side of the grill with indirect heat and cook to 160 degrees internal temperature
8. Place wings in aluminum pan and cover with foil for 30 minutes and leave on grill to let the moisture circulate throughout the wings
9. Serve with your favorite BBQ sauce

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