CHICAGO (CBS) — Gas prices have been falling, but not quick enough or far enough for a lot of people to feel it – especially those who drive to work every day.

In Chicago, the average price of gas is still 41 cents higher than this time last year, but one local company actually picked up and moved from the suburbs to the city, to help its workers burn less gas.

CBS 2’s Pamela Jones reports the move meant some serious savings for those employees.

Every time Mathew Garety starts up his SUV to commute now, he knows he’s actually saving money on gas – thanks to the company he works for.

Asked how much he’s saving each month on fuel, Garety said, “We’ve been able to put away $450.”

Last year, his company – Coyote Logistics – moved its headquarters from Lake Forest to Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood, about 30 miles away.

Now, Garety drives about five minutes to and from the office, instead of over an hour.

Thanks to how much they now save on gas, Garety said, “My wife and I are trying to save to buy a house.”

Coyote said most of the people working at its offices have been saving big time.

A recent survey found that the move to the city sparked a 40 percent jump in the number of workers who drove fewer than 40 miles to get to and from work.

Senior operations manager Nick Schroeger said, “People are coming to work more excited, with a little bit more energy as well.”

Coyote helps other companies ship goods by truck, all over North America, and those companies burn a lot fossil fuel.

But Coyote has been working to cut down on emissions, by making sure their clients’ trucks don’t hit the highway empty – only rolling when they’re carrying cargo.

Lauren Williams, who runs private fleet development for Coyote, said, “Instead of two companies sending out trucks to pick up two different shipments, and passing each other empty on the way back, we are sending one truck to handle both shipments, and sort of creating a round trip. So we’re taking that extra truck off the road.”

Coyote said its new location is also greener, because it’s more convenient for people who want to bike, walk, or take public transportation to work.
It’s been good for the company, because workers seem happier, and many can get more sleep.

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