CHICAGO (CBS) — The CTA is cracking down on bus riders with strollers.

One commuter tells WBBM Newsradio that she’s had it.

“These baby strollers need to stop,” she said. “These people are getting on these buses with these kids in the stroller with groceries and everything … and they are taking up two to four seats.”

CTA has gotten many similar complaints.

CTA President Forrest Claypool says those spots are supposed to be reserved for the elderly and those with disabilities.

He says when the buses get crowded, riders will be told to fold up the strollers and sit elsewhere.

“We shouldn’t have to make it a matter of enforcement,” Claypool said. “Hopefully by educating people, we will have greater civility” and riders will understand the purpose of those seats.

However, Claypool said it is not his intent to put anybody off a bus.

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