(CBS) Alex Rodriguez has had a little more time on his hands during games recently and, according to the New York Post, he used that time Saturday to pick up women.

With Rodriguez struggling, manager Joe Girardi has been pinch-hitting for him late in games or not playing him all together. During Saturday’s ALCS Game 1 against the Tigers, Girardi took Rodriguez out in the eighth inning, so the third baseman turned his attention elsewhere.

According to the Post, Rodriguez had a ball boy toss two women a ball with a message inscribed on it asking for their phone numbers. The report says one of the women wrote “on the ball and threw it back at A-Rod, who gave her a big smile.”

Now, to be fair to Rodriguez, he’s certainly not the first ballplayer to pick up women during games, and the “number-on-the-ball” move is one of the oldest tricks in the book. But this is the ALCS and the report does say that Rodriguez is currently dating wrestler Torrie Wilson.

Well, at least he started paying attention again once Derek Jeter got hurt, according to the report.

For more details, check out CBSNewYork.com.

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