(WSCR) According to a report from the Sun-Times, Ald. Tom Tunney is working on a deal that would allow for advertising signs to be placed on top of the 17 rooftop clubs surrounding Wrigley Field.

This, of course, would allow the Cubs to generate revenue without obstructing the view from the Wrigleyville rooftops.

“If there is a good relationship between the rooftops and Wrigley, it’s good for the community,” Tunney said. “My job is to try to forge a solid relationship with the businesses that need Wrigley and Wrigley needs the businesses. It’s a symbiotic relationship. I’m trying to navigate that.”

“Obviously, the Cubs want unlimited advertising opportunities inside the park. I’m trying to work out a deal where, maybe some of the advertising goes on the buildings, instead of blocking the views. But, it’s really part of a bigger package.”

The rooftops currently share 17 percent of their revenue with the Cubs, so would the Cubs share the revenue from the new signage?

“That’s all to be determined. … There’s a lot of creative ideas going around,” Tunney said. “We’re in the process of exploring all different options. No decision has been made.

“First of all, the idea is breaking [new] ground. The rooftop ordinance doesn’t allow for advertising on rooftops. You’d have to change the ordinance.”


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