(WSCR) Here are this week’s Over/Unders from The McNeil and Spiegel Show.

No. 1 WR Targets – Brandon Marshall vs. Calvin Johnson:
For obvious reasons, Cutler and Stafford love their #1 WR’s
Marshall has been targeted 56 times in 5 games (11.2 per game)
Johnson has 55 targets in 5 games (11 per game)
Bears playing with a lead mean more targets of Johnson?
O/U for Targets of #1’s: Calvin Johnson -1.5 vs. Brandon Marshall
Mac – Marshall +1.5 Spiegs – Johnson -1.5

Stafford Passing Yards:
Lions throw for 2nd most yards in the game (320 per game trails on Saints – 335)
Bears allowing just 225 pass yards per game (T-12 in NFL)
Even in 37-13 Bears win last year – Stafford threw for 329 yards (1 TD, 4 INT on 33/63 passing)
O/U for Stafford Passing Yards: 290.5
Mac – Over Spiegs – Over

Lions Pass to Run Ratio:
Nobody passes more than the Lions so far in 2012 – 46.2 pass attempts per game
25.6 rush attempts per game for Lions, 18th most in NFL
Expect Lions to be trailing much in this game? If so, more passing..
63 to 19 last year at Soldier Field (Pass to Run…76 percent passes)
O/U for Percentage of Plays that are passes for Detroit: 63.5%
Mac – Over Spiegs – Over

Jay Cutler QB Rating:
Diabetes at Night…must not apply on Monday’s
Cutler is 7-4 career on MNF. 97.9 career QB Rating on MNF, 19 TD-7 INT.
Cutler 5-2 career vs Lions with a 105.0 qb rating. 10 TD to 1 INT vs Det.
78.7 QB Rating so far this year for Cutler
O/U for Cutler QB Rating Tonight: 89.5
Mac – Over Spiegs – Over

Bears Defensive Touchdowns:
2 last week at Jacksonville, 2 week previous at Dallas
1 week before that vs the Rams
Stafford – two 3rd qtr pick’6’s in Chicago last year
O/U for Bears Defensive Touchdowns: 0.5
Mac – Under Spiegs – Over

Matt Forte Success Versus Lions:
Forte plays very well vs. the Lions…
8 career games vs. Detroit – averages 84.8 rush yds/37.1 rec yds
7 touchdowns (4 rush, 3 Rec)
4 times he’s rushed for 100 or more yards vs. Lions
O/U for Forte total yards: 97.5
Mac – Over Spiegs – Over

Broadcast O/U’s
Clint Eastwood/Josey Wales references – Gruden
Remember the wild-west cowboy thing vs. Dallas earlier this year?
Will Gruden reference that again?
O/U for Eastwood/Wales references in regards to Cutler: 0.5
Mac – Over Spiegs – Over

This guy/that guy…Gruden
He doesn’t really do much of the “this guy” anymore
It’s all “this Surname” “That Surname”
Bosses must have gotten to him
O/U for “This Surname” or “That Surname” Mentions tonight: 3 a quarter…12.5
Mac – Over Spiegs – Under

85 Bears Defense Comparison/References:
You know it’s coming at some point with way Bears D has played
Hampton, Singletary, Wilson, Dent, Buddy Ryan, etc…
How many times will Tirico/Gruden mention an 85 Bear defender or the defense
O/U for mentions of “The 85 Bears” or an 85 Bear by name: 3.5
Mac – Under Spiegs – Over

Shots of Chicago Deep Dish Pizza:
MNF loves to show different trademarks of host city
Last night on SNF you got the generic “Skyline chili” shot
Will shot of Deep Dish Pizza or a reference to it be made tonight?
O/U shots/mentions of deep dish pizza, Giordano’s, Gino’s East, or Lou Malnati’s: 0.5
Mac – Over Spiegs – Over

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