CHICAGO (CBS) — A video has gone viral about a prank a student thought he was pulling at Whitney Young High School on the Near West Side.

It was at the end of the school day in a Whitney Young lunch area when a student decided to whip students into a frenzy.

“Norris decided he was going to do a ‘happy feet, crazy feet’ dance,” says J.P. Fanning, dean of students at Whitney Young.

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And so the student pranced about, jumped directly in the face of one teacher who stood in her classroom doorway acting as if it were nothing out of the ordinary.

Then, the student did the same thing to Dean Fanning.

Fanning says, “He jumped in front of me and I had a choice to get upset and yell and scream and move everyone along or diffuse it by joining in and having fun with it, and I chose to do that instead.”

And so Fanning did several seconds of Irish step-dancing and students erupted in cheers.

“I hadn’t done any step dancing since I was 10,” he says.

Fanning says it was a good way for students to let off some steam.

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