CHICAGO (CBS) — It was a tough day in court for the first investigator on the scene after a bartender was brutally beaten by a Chicago cop in 2007.

After she was beaten, kicked and punched, Karolina Obrycka told the officer who arrived to investigate that she’d been attacked by a patron named Tony and that she thought he was a cop.

She wrote down his last name on a scrap of paper and told the officer that a security camera had probably caught the beating on tape.

Yet none of that was in the police report filed by veteran officer Peter Masheimer.

Asked about the gaps during the federal court trial, he testified repeatedly that he didn’t remember.

Obrycka is suing, accusing the police department of trying to cover up the crime as part of the so-called code of silence.

Abbate, who was convicted in criminal court and fired, testified that on the day of the attack he was on a mission to get drunk because his dog had been diagnosed with cancer.

He said he barely remembered anything but denied plotting with anyone to cover up the crime.

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