(CBS) — Dramatic police dash camera  video reveals a young wife’s mortal fear of her violent husband, shortly before would lose her life in the salon shooting spree in southern Wisconsin last weekend.

CBS 2’s Mike Parker reports.

Three weeks before Zina Haughton and two of her co-worker would die at the hands of Haughton’s husband, Radcliffe, she called 911 from a gas station. When police arrived, they saw bruises and scrapes on her face. Although she seemed upset, she said it was her makeup.

“It is not your makeup — it’s red,” says an officer. “You have road rash on the side of your face.”

“No,” the woman says.

“Yes, you do,” he answers.

Brown Deer, Wisc. police had dealt with the couple’s disputes some 20 times before. They begged Zina to tell the truth.

“We see the warning signs,” an officer says. “We’re not here to dismiss it. We’re here to help you and I know you’re scared right now. You’re scared of whoever this is that’s involved, and you’ve got to let us help you.”

But the woman wouldn’t say a word. The police drove her to a hotel.

The next day, Radcliffe Haughton told police his wife was hurt while attacking him.

“I’m certainly a big guy,” he’s heard to say in a police recording. “I’m sure I may look intimidating but my daughter will testify I don’t start half the problems that goes on in my house.”

Now, Zina’s lawyer, Lisa Martin is explaining her client’s silence that night.

“She was very afraid that if the police were involved in arresting him, that he would do exactly what he had threatened to do, and that was to kill her and to burn her family with gasoline,” Martin says.

Although a restraining order barred the killer from possessing any firearms, he was able to buy his 40-caliber semiautomatic handgun from a website. A law enforcement source says the online gun seller did not require a background check.

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