(WSCR) Here are this week’s Over/Unders from The McNeil and Spiegel.

1.  Cam Newton vs. Jay Cutler
Newton struggles and Cutler is great…amazing what wins/losses do to perception
Cam Newton:  79.3 QB Rating, 58.4 comp %, 8.02 yds per attempt, 5 TD/6 INT, 1387 YDS
Jay Cutler:  78.3 QB Rating, 56.7 comp %, 7.27 yds per attempt, 8 TD/7 INT, 1359 yds
Bears:  62.8 QB Rating Allowed —- Carolina:  93.2 QB Rating Allowed
O/U for Difference in Cutler/Newton QB Rating:  Cutler -15
Mac:  Cutler -15        Spiegs:  Cutler -15

2.  Panthers Run Production:
DeAngelo Williams – 43 million dollar contract   (29.5 rush yds/game)
Jonathan Stewart – 37 million dollar contract   (35.5 rush yds/game)
Mike Tolbert – 8.4 million dollar contract   (5.8 rush yds/game)
Lots of wasted money…70.8 rush yds a game combined
Bears 71 rush yds a game are fewest – 3.9 per attempt
O/U for Rushing Yards Combined from these 3:  60.5
Mac:  Over                 Spiegs:  Under

3.  Steve Smith Feasts on the Bears:
All remember the playoff disaster in January of 2006 but its all the time
His 163.3 yds per game are the highest for a single wide receiver vs. one opponent since 1960 (minimum of 4 games played)
218 yds, 2 TD and 12 rec in that 2006 playoff game  —  0 regular season TD’s vs Bears though
Will Peanut/Jennings shut down Steve Smith?
O/U for Steve Smith Receiving Yards:  135.5
Mac:  Under               Spiegs:  Over

4.  Bears Offensive Line
Blocking better (with help from several tight ends)
Penalties an issue…3rd most penalties of an offensive line in NFL
Carimi – 2 holds vs Lions, Garza – 2 false starts, Louis – 1 False start, Rachal – 1 Unn. Roughness
Panthers Line not as good as Lions…fewer for Bears?
O/U for Bears Offensive Line Penalties (holding on punt’s doesn’t count):  4.5
Mac:  Under               Spiegs:  Over

The Bears defense has been OUTSTANDING at this
Allow just 29.2% of 3rd downs to be converted – NFL best – just 21 conversions this year
Panthers can’t convert 3rd downs:  31.7% is 5th worst in NFL…20 of 63 on the year
O/U for 3rd Down Conversions for Panthers:  29.2%
Mac:  Under               Spiegs:  Under

6.  Moving Shots Down the River
You know the look…on a boat, going down the Chicago River
All pre-produced…always see it though – especially if it’s dry
O/U for Moving Shots in Chicago River:  1.5
Mac:  Under               Spiegs:  Under

7.  Tony Siragusa Loves Food
He doesn’t offer much…but he likes pandering to cities he’s in
He also loves eating and isn’t afraid to mention it
O/U for Chicago food mentions (Pizza, Italian Beef, Hot Dogs, Any known Chicago restaurant):  1.5
Mac:  Under               Spiegs:  Over

8.  Shots/References of Chico as a Bear
Player or Coach…doesn’t matter
Montage counts as 1.  Discussion on topic only counts 1 at a time.
O/U for screenshots/mentions of Rivera as a Bear:  2.5
Mac:  Over                 Spiegs:  Over

9.  Moose Johnston’s Wardrobe
Always flashy  — 2-tone tie, shirt with collar that doesn’t match, flashy jacket…
At least 5 colors will be seen above his waist – minimum
Likely 6…very possibly 7 if a 3-tone tie or plaid shirt…
O/U for colors on Shirt/tie/Jacket of Moose Johnston:  5.5
Mac:  Under               Spiegs:  Over

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