CHICAGO (CBS)– Master pastry chef Alain Roby has seen a lot of history and is now making some of his own. WBBM Radio’s Regine Schlesinger reports.

Born and trained in France, Chef Roby was working for the Shah of Iran when revolutionaries overthrew the Shah in 1979.

“There were very scary moments.There was an Italian guy that used to be the food and beverage (director) and (was) much older than me and maybe understood more the gravity of the situation. He was very, very scared. By seeing him scared, I got scared too.”

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Roby got out of Tehran and then went to New York where he worked at the World Trade Center before it was destroyed by terrorists.

“I lost people that I knew there.”

Now, for the past year and a half, Roby and his Italian-born wife, Esther, have operated the All Chocolate Kitchen in downtown Geneva. He has two Guiness world records to his name including one for crafting a 22 foot building out of a ton of chocolate. Now, he’s preparing what he hopes will be the world’s longest candy cane.

“When it’s done and it’s certified, we’ll break it with hammers and everybody can bring a piece of the world’s longest sugar cane.”

Roby’s All Chocolate Kitchen makes Italian gelato and the finest gourmet chocolates.

“We have over 80 different chocolate truffles and the chocolate that we use comes from Venezuela, Ghana, Madagascar – all very amazing chocolate.”

You can find out more by visiting their website.

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