CHICAGO (CBS) — Tomorrow’s Halloween, but on State Street Macy’s is decking out its store for Christmas.

Over two days, a team is assembling the 45-foot tree in the middle of the Walnut Room and adorning it with 4,000 ornaments and 15,000 LED lights.

The store’s John Jones is in charge.

“We actually start from the tree topper and work our way down. So we build our tree upside-down if you think about it,” he said

Macy’s Lauren Rapisand says this is the 105th year that Macy’s, formerly Marshall Field’s, has had the tree.

“In the early days of Marshall Field’s, it was a real tree and it actually was guarded 24 hours by firemen,” she said.

As an expert, does Jones have any advice for those trying to put up their trees at home?

“It takes you longer than you might think.”

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