(WSCR) This week’s Crap of the Week goes out to Dan Bernstein.

This, from Unemployed Lawyer.

“On Friday, you two jamoaks designed a two-man sports commissioner Mount Rushmore. Why not four commissioners? Not enough candidates. According to Dan Bernstein, there have been ‘not a lot lot of commissioners when you’re comparing it to the presidents for Mount Rushmore.’ Between the four major sports, there have been 31 commissioners. How many presidents had served by 1925 when Mount Rushmore opened? 4,380. Oh, wait. No, I’m sorry. It was 29. So, not a lot lot, being as how there were two fewer eligible presidents than commissioners. Oh, but it’s challenging, important work you do, Dan, having to choose four whole commissioners for your imaginary, make-believe mountain of fame. Maybe in the future you should leave the Mount Rushmoring to Gutzon Borglum and the talking about sports to Doug Gottlieb. Dan Bernstein, who ya crappin’?

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