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CHICAGO (CBS) — For much of the nation, Tuesday’s election was just another election, but for residents of the South Side, it was neighborhood news.

CBS 2’s Marissa Bailey reports celebrations on the South Side started early after President Barack Obama was re-elected Tuesday night.

At the president’s favorite diner in Hyde Park, Valois was offering free breakfast for everyone until 11 a.m. to celebrate Obama’s victory.

Obama supporter Barbara O’Connor said, “It’s euphoric. I mean, it really is. It’s just, it’s incredible.”

Fellow Obama supporter Nadia Mode said, “I can’t even explain how happy I am. My heart is beating so fast, I can’t even talk.”

Happy supporters stretched down the block – even gathering under the scaffolding outside a neighboring construction site. But work never stopped.

Asked what it was like having to work with big crowds of Obama supporters waiting in line to get into Valois for the Obama victory breakfast, construction worker Mike Sullivan said, “It’s exciting. The people are energetic.”

The energy continued across the street, where local entrepreneur Andrew Sanders was selling freshly-made Obama T-shirts.

Some people might call him an opportunist, but Sanders said, “I do love my president.”

CBS 2’s Pamela Jones reports many Kenwood neighbors said Obama’s words from his victory speech were still ringing in their ears on Wednesday.

Dr. Milton Grier said, “This is one day that I’m really proud of my country.”

The Hyde Park Hair Salon got a visit from the president on Election Day.

“We’re very proud of him, and we’re very excited. He did exactly what he said he was gonna do,” one salon worker said.

Across the street, at the Rajun Cajun Restaurant, owner Trushar Patel was hoping the soul food and Indian treats would draw the president in to grab a bite to eat.

The president didn’t visit, but the restaurant was confident an Obama win would bring tourists, who will help make their hot food a hotter commodity.

“It was like like a joy to me,” Patel said.

But maybe the opportunity of the day came just a block from Obama’s house in Kenwood, where people stood shoulder-to-shoulder to get a glimpse of our hometown guy as his motorcade took him to O’Hare International Airport to fly back to D.C.

Marty Furlan was among those who got a glimpse of the president on Wednesday, as he waved to supporters before he went back to Washington, D.C.

“We were hoping he was going to come out and walk, and do a little meet and greet, but the wave was good enough,” Furlan said.

The president, the first lady and their daughters spent the morning at home. They visited with friends, and presumably slept in a bit.

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