(WSCR) This week’s Crap of the Week goes out to former Miami Dolphins coach Don Shula.

This, from John. 

Don Shula, former Miami Dolphins coach, with the Falcons sitting at 8-0 as this season’s only threat to his 1972 team’s perfect season, it was time for the media to reach out to him to get his assessment of the team and its chances. When asked about the idea that he and his former players actively route for these challengers to lose at least one game, he responded: “We’ve been portrayed as a bunch of angry old guys who have big cocktail parties in celebration. None of that is true!” Don, you’ve always been pretty classy about the whole thing, choosing to lay low and let your former stars take the lead, but angry old guys have big celebratory cocktail parties is exactly what those guys are. Take Mercury Morris’ famed rant in 2007. How about Nick Buoniconti or Bob Griese popping champagne, using broadcasting soapboxes to wax poetic about their glory days, about how no one will touch their record because the game’s just not what it used to be. Or the most obvious example of that teams crotchety, old-man persona, the one that took place at this very station. A defiant, crusty Larry Csonka flat out told Terry Boers and Damana that he actively routed for the last undefeated teams to lose on an annual basis. Bitter much, Larry? It was worth it for the verbal beat down the hosts subsequently delivered, but enough of a dumb statement to make your blood boil. Don, your former players celebrating the event of the last undefeated team falling has become an annual thing. Whether it’s Week 7 or Week 17, it gets more obnoxious every year and has become an annoying fact of NFL life. Don Shula, who ya crappin’?

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