(WSCR) Here are this week’s over/unders from The McNeil and Spiegel Show.

JJ Watt batted balls
10 pass deflections this year, over 1 per game
All have come in 4 games…4 games with 0
Plays all over, figure to move him to a spot to get an advantage
O/U for JJ Watt’s Pass Deflections:  1.5
Mac – Under           Spiegs – Under

Bears forced fumbles
Peanut Tillman had 4 alone last week
17 forced fumbles are most in NFL as a team (NE 2nd with 14)
Texans have only fumbled four times all season long.
O/U for Bears forced fumbles:  0.5
Mac – Over             Spiegs – Over

Arian Foster vs. Matt Forte:
Forte has 718 total yards in 7 games played (102 yds per game)
Foster has 847 total yards in 8 games played (105.8 yds per game)
Neither has played a defense as good as what they’ll face Sunday night
O/U for Total Yards:  Foster -3.5 vs. Forte
Mac:  Foster -3.5               Spiegs: Forte +3.5

Targeting Brandon Marshall
Of Bears 242 pass attempts, 90 times Brandon Marshall has been targeted
37.1% of pass attempts by Bears result in Marshall target
If Marshall is doubled, will that slow the number of targets? – Bennett more?

Name – Targets/Team Pass Attempts – % Of Team Pass Attempts

Reggie Wayne –  112/362 – 30.9%
Victor Cruz – 00/320 – 31.2%
Larry Fitzgerald – 94/355 – 26.4%
Brandon Marshall – 90/242 – 37.1%
Percy Harvin – 85/284 – 9.9%
Wes Welker – 83/323 – 25.6%
Calvin Johnson – 82/359 – 22.8%
Dwyane Bowe – 82/279 – 29.3%
AJ Green – 82/286 – 28.6%
Jason Witten – 81/328 – 24.6%

Brandon Marshall Targets:  11.5
Mac – Under                       Spiegs – Over

Longest Time Between Offensive Touchdowns:
35:12 last week between Marshall’s first and second TD receptions
Long draughts vs. Carolina, Detroit, to start vs. Jacksonville…
O/U for longest time between Offensive TD’s for Bears:  27:30
Mac – Over             Spiegs – Over


Danieal Manning as Former Bear:
Makes his return this week, was on last Bears team to go to Super Bowl
Makes a tackle, bats down a pass, is he called a “Former Bear” in doing so?
O/U for Danieal Manning References To Being a Former Bear:  1.5
Mac – Under                       Spiegs – Under

Gabe Carimi and JJ Watt – Wisconsin Connection:
Could face up against each other at times Sunday
Went to school together, were in same draft class from Wisconsin
Played in Rose Bowl together at Wisconsin
O/U for References to Being Former Wisconsin Teammates:  1.5
Mac – Under                       Spiegs – Over

Charles Tillman About to Be A Dad Again:
Created controversy with Mike Florio this week (he’s since released a statement)
Wife will give birth on Monday (if she doesn’t pop before)
Had he missed game, would have been huge storyline
O/U for references to Charles becoming a father again:  1.5
Mac – Under                       Spiegs – Over

Shots of Zawaski’s enormous head on TV:
Going with Shepkowski
Sitting in section 432 – far from field
Zawaski’s head is huge though.  It may be seen from a blimp shot.
O/U for shots of Zawaski’s head:  0.5
Mac – Under                       Spiegs – Under

Al Michaels Loves the Betting Lines:
O/U for Michaels references to covers/spreads:  0.5
Mac – Over             Spiegs – Over

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