Updated: 11/18/2012 at 4:41 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) –A botched robbery attempt has an Oak Brook doctor in stable condition Sunday after he was attacked at a Gold Coast hotel.

According to family, the victim, Oak Brook oncologist Mir Shah, 67, was stabbed inside the Westin Hotel. He and his family had just attended the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival, a tree-lighting parade, and were having dinner The Grill, which is connected to the hotel.

Shah headed to the restroom, where he was attacked.

“(He) came running out of the restroom holding his neck, yelling, ‘Someone attacked me,’” a family member, who asked not to be identified, told Newsradio 780. “We held pressure on (his) neck and we were able to stabilize him temporarily at least.  We kept yelling for an ambulance and finally got him into an ambulance.”

Police said the attack was part of a robbery attempt.

The doctor was intubated, and had a blood transfusion. He underwent surgery Saturday night.

Shah’s family thanked emergency responders and a bartender from The Grill restaurant, who chased after the attacker and was cut in the process.

They’re calling Shah’s survival a miracle.

Police said the 56 year-old suspect was taken into custody Saturday night, but has yet to be charged.

In statement to media, Shah’s family says: “First of all – The family would like to thank the Chicago PD – particularly noting their responsiveness, empathy and dedication – also Northwestern hospital and Westin employees, the doctors and nurses, first-responders and especially the good Samaritans in helping to make this miracle happen.

This was an enjoyable night out for the family turned horribly tragic – but it could have been much much worse.

Dr. Shah was senselessly attacked last night but managed to escape and we were fortunate to be able to summon help and to be so close to a world-class facility in Northwestern Hospital. The attack was unprovoked and nearly fatal. Dr Shah is still being monitored closely but we are expecting and praying for a full recovery.”

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