By Dorothy Tucker

CHICAGO (CBS)– Shopping holidays like Black Friday, Super Saturday, and Cyber Monday, make deals during the Christmas season difficult to pass up.

However, CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker takes a look at the list of twelve things for Christmas you should not buy.

There certainly appears to be great deals on jewelry, but experts said jewelry is in high demand during the Christmas season– and that means higher prices.

“I would take a pass and wait until June or July.”

Founder of Brad Wilson said summer is the best time to buy because there are no holidays to drive up demand.

Summer is also a better time to buy tools for Dad, products are twenty-five percent cheaper around Father’s Day.

They’re stocking the luggage shelves at Sears, targeting shoppers traveling for the holiday but Wilson said prices will be lower in February and March.

“It’s right after a lot of us have taken a big trip. It’s sort of a dead time in the luggage business,” he said.

Other items worth your wait until after the holiday? Linen, bicycles, and men’s suits. Retailers introduce the spring collection in January so winter suits will be on sale.

Laptops are popular door buster deals during Black Friday but experts at Kiplinger Magazine said most brands offer the best prices during the back to school season. And new cameras come out in January and February so experts expect older models will be at least thirty percent cheaper by President’s day.

To round out the list of 12 things not to buy:
Skis: The best time is March or April.
Cars: Experts said to shop December 31st when dealers are looking to get rid of inventory the new year.
And don’t book a “summer” cruise during Christmas. You’ll find better prices for that summer trip if you book between January and March.

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