(WSCR) Here are this week’s over/unders from The McNeil and Spiegel Show.

Rush attempts combined
49ers average 30.3 rush attempts per game
Bears average 29 rush attempts per game
Lesser quarterbacks, more run attempts?  Would make sense…
O/U for total rush attempts in game:  63.5
Mac – Over         Spiegs – Under

Campbell vs Kaepernick: total yards
Campbell has averaged 193.5 pass yds and 14.3 rush yds per game for his career
Kaepernick has never started an NFL game
49ers are 28th at 196 pass yards per game…Bears are 31st at 190 pass yds/game
Kaepernick vs. Campbell Total Yards:  Kaepernick -5.5
Mac and Spiegs both take Kaepernick -5.5

Tackles by the star LB’s:  Bowman/Willis vs. Briggs/Urlacher
Bowman 81 tackles on the year, averages 9 per game
Willis 72 tackles on the year, averages 8 per game
Briggs 52 tackles on the year, averages 5.7 per
Urlacher has 49 tackles, averages 5.4 per
O/U for total tackles by the 4 star linebackers:  25.5
Mac and Spiegs both go over

Vernon Davis vs Bears tight ends.  Might be E-Rod?
Vernon Davis slow of late – 9 rec for 101 yds and 0 TD in last 4 games combined
0 receptions vs. Seattle on October 18
Bears Tight Ends – 7 receptions for 32 yards over their last 4 games
One of them was 12 yard TD pass to K Davis in Carolina game
Bears TE vs. Vernon Davis Receiving Yards:  Davis -15.5
Mac and Spiegs both take Davis -15.5 rec yards

Carimi hold.  When it will come?
4th quarter hold vs. Texans
No Penalties vs. Titans
2 holding penalties vs. Lions
O/U for when Carimi has his first holding call:  End of First Half
Mac – Under       Spiegs – Over

Broadcast:  All from kickoff to whistle

Gruden:  References to playing or coaching in the league.  “I was in ___ “With anyone in the game.  Or “He used to kill me..” etc…
O/U for these… 3.5
Mac and Spiegs both go over

’85 Bears D references:
Any player from the 85 defense, force turnovers and it’s talked about
Ditka stroke mentions will count as will good wishes for Da Coach
O/U of 85 Bears Defense/Defensive Player/Ditka or Buddy Ryan Mentions:  3.5
Mac – Under       Spiegs – Over

Shots of Harbaugh in a Bears uniform:  
Famous shot of Ditka chewing him out?
Storyline of him facing his old team will be mentioned…but will we see it?
O/U of visuals of Jim Harbaugh in a Bears Uniform:  0.5
Mac and Spiegs both go over

“This surname”   
Gruden has replaced the “This Guy” and “That Guy”
They’re mentioned but not nearly as much
He now uses the “This Peppers”, “This Willis” much more often
O/U for “This Surname” by Gruden:  8.5
Mac and Spiegs both go over

Gruden calling his partner by his full name:
“You know what, Mike Tirico.”
For whatever reason, Gruden loves to call Tirico by his full name.
How many times tonight?
O/U of “Mike Tirico” full name being said by Gruden:  2.5
Mac – Under                 Spiegs – Over

Shots of the Golden Gate Bridge 
Always an early and late one in SF.
Night and day, shows how cool the bridge looks
Will there be a third from the blimp cam?
Could Alcatraz steal one of the bridges showings?
O/U for shots of the Golden Gate Bridge:  2.5
Mac – Over         Spiegs – Under

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