CHICAGO (CBS) — Take it from a reporter who’s crabby all the time, or much of the time. Take it from me, that something wonderful has just happened in Chicago: hundreds of people called the Red Cross today to offer help to ease the suffering of Hurricane Sandy.

I watched the Red Cross, in the CBS 2 lobby, as they accepted contributions from people and corporations pledging more than $540,000 to the relief fund.

I listened to the Red Cross telling callers the money will be spent on shelter, and food and clothing for families whose homes have been washed away, their lives ruined by the storm.

I saw the giving in Thanksgiving, gifts from strangers to strangers.

And I heard the unspoken words: we don’t know who you are, but we know of your pain, and are hurting for your hurt, and here’s a little we can do.

It’s a Thanksgiving story that feels good to report, because there’s nothing crabby about it.

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