CHICAGO (CBS) — Sunday night, we told you about hundreds of stolen items on display at a Northwest Side police station.

On Thursday, there was a happy ending to report.

CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov reports one of those stolen items was quite personal — a bowl engraved with the August wedding date of Stefanie Wowchuk McDonald and her husband, Matt.

It sat off to the side on Sunday, unique amidst hundreds of stolen items inside the 13th District police lock-up.

Police saw right away that it was the most personal item among those police had seized.

Apparently, so did some of Stefanie’s family and friends when they saw the CBS 2 report about the stolen goods.

It’s now in their home, prominently displayed on a coffee table, where it should have been all along before someone apparently swiped it off their porch.

“I know a lot of people lost items a lot more valuable, but it’s significant to us. It has our wedding date on it,” Stefanie said.

Chicago Police Sgt. Dave Weigand said, when Stefanie came to the station to claim her stolen property, “it was basically like the whole room stopped. It’s like, ‘It’s Stefanie!'”

Officers were so excited to give something back, they took a picture with her, and took extra special care of that bowl.

Officer Bob Gilleran said, “We had two people carrying it out the door.”

Now there’s a new mystery; the newlyweds still don’t know who gave them their bowl. As for the other items, officers said more than 400 people went to view the stolen goods, but unfortunately, they were only able to return a few dozen items.

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