(WSCR) It’s that time of the year again, when magazines and television networks look back on the year and create lists.

Most of those lists are positive, but GQ has gone in a different direction. Instead of honoring public figures who have had a good year, the magazine instead came up with a list featuring the least influential people of 2012.

Naturally, Jerry Sandusky’s lawyer and Lance Armstrong made the cut.

No one knew who Joe Amendola was before Sandusky was arrested by the feds, but the Pennsylvania lawyer clearly saw an opportunity to get some attention. He took a case he couldn’t win and then taught America exactly how not to be a lawyer.  As a result, GQ named Amendola the 10th least influential person of the year.

And then there’s Lance Armstrong, who has fully been exposed as a fraud and the exact opposite of the inspiration he was once portrayed as. Armstrong came in at No. 13 on the list.

GQ’s list also included a number of other sports figures:

No. 4 Dwight Howard
No. 8 Ryan Lochte
No. 9 Gregg Williams
No. 15 Bobby Valentine

Check out the full list here. Did they miss anyone?

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