winfrey letterman Oprah Opens Up On Letterman

Winfrey discusses childhood with Dave Letterman. (Credit: Worldwide Pants)

CHICAGO (CBS) –Oprah and David Letterman: together again.

On Monday, they sat down for a very personal, candid conversation.

It’s not the type of interview you’d expect from funny man David Letterman.

But the queen of talk — spoke openly about her childhood — including a very difficult conversation she had with her father when Oprah was just 14 years old.

“You will not have sex, he says to me, and you should know that I would rather see a daughter of mine floating down the Cumberland River than to get pregnant and bring disgrace on this family. He says to me, as I know I’m pregnant, said Winfrey”

“The thought of having to tell my father sent me into labor, so the baby came prematurely and I thought my life was over and then a week or two later this baby died,” said Winfrey.

Their well-publicized feud seemed to fade away — if only for a night.

“As I’m sitting there thinking now is this a full circle moment or what? I’m sitting on stage in a real conversation with Dave Letterman,” said Winfrey.

Oprah says she ignored Dave for 16 years after being a guest on his show in the late 80’s.

“During the process of the show people had started yelling bad things and I thought he should have taken control of the situation and he didn’t take control of the situation and it was such an uncomfortable experience for me,” said Winfrey.

But if you think Oprah and Dave are now buddy-buddy, think again.

“Maybe if we can’t call ourselves friends, maybe at least we can say we’re friendly,” said Winfrey.

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