CHICAGO (CBS) — Thousands of Letters to Santa have arrived at the main post office in Chicago and more are coming in every day.

Some are from kids, asking for the latest gaming systems. But more are from adults, asking for help. The stories they tell can be heart-breaking. They can be funny, too.

One single mother says she has to walk two hours to work. She asks for a bus pass.

Another says her kids have holes in their shoes and clothes. She says, “anything you can do, Santa, would be appreciated.”

Mark Reynolds, with the postal service in Chicago, says he’s been involved in the Letters to Santa program for more than ten years and says he never gets used to reading them.

“I recently lost my job. Now that the holidays are coming, I feel super stressed because I know I don’t have any money to be able to buy Christmas presents for my boys. So that’s where you come in big guy,” said Reynolds, reading from one of the letters.

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Starting next Tuesday and continuing every day through Christmas Eve, the letters will be available to the public.

If someone wants to help one of the letter writers, the post office will make the arrangements.

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