CHICAGO (CBS) — Rough horseplay, yes. Sexual misconduct, no.

That is the finding of an investigation of off-campus hazing involving the Hoffman Estates High School boys’ basketball team.

Hoffman Estates police worked with school investigators.

In addition, the Department Of Children and Family Services says it will take no action in the case.

District 211 Supt. Nancy Robb says the players had their clothes on at the time.

“There were reports that the initiation involved several players piling onto a targeted player and then grabbing, horseplay, slapping, and hitting the targeted player in areas that included the buttocks and sometimes in the groin,” the district said in a statement. “The players were clothed at the time of each ‘initiation’ pile-on and the contact occurred on top of the player’s clothing.”

The team was forced to forfeit three games.

Members of the team are being disciplined, and the team also will receive further training in hazing awareness and prevention and its impact.

“We take these matters seriously and seek to educate all students that acts such as these that can humiliate or harm another person do represent hazing and will not be tolerated,” the district said.

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