Quote Of The Year Preview

Tyler Hansbrough's rec specs. (Credit: WTHR 13)

Tyler Hansbrough’s rec specs. (Credit: WTHR 13)

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(WSCR) It’s been a solid year for Tyler Hansbrough, winner of the 2011 Quote of the Year Show from The Boers and Bernstein Show.

But, all good things must come to end. Be sure to tune into B&B on Wednesday starting at 1 p.m. to catch the 2012 Quote of the Year Show.

You’ll be able to hear all the nominees at the brand new, as well as vote for your favorite quote!

In preparation for Wednesday’s show, catch up with all the previous Quote of the Year winners!

2002 – Dick Jauron

2003 – Laz Diaz Attacker

2004 – Hawk Harrelson

2005 – Mary from LaPorte

2006 – Johnny Red Kerr

2007 – Susan Waldman

2008 – George Ofman

2009 – Joe from Evanston

2010 – Mel Gibson

2011 – Tyler Hansbrough