(CBS) Brian Urlacher knew it was coming, but there was still some hope the league would give him some leniency.

The fine for a second-offense horse collar tackle is $31,500 but there are conflicting reports about whether or not he was fined that much after his second horse collar tackle in two weeks.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported Thursday morning that Urlacher received a $31,500 fine, but according to the Chicago Tribune, Urlacher told them it was only $21,000.

Urlacher was fined $15,750 last week for a horse collar tackle on Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, but the Sun-Times reports “it’s believed Urlacher won his appeal on the first violation.” The tackle was not very forceful and Peterson was not injured

Urlacher’s second offense, a flagged tackle on Seahawks running back Leon Washington Sunday, was even less severe than the first. In fact, replays showed he had Washington’s jersey and not the back of the shoulder pads.

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