(CBS) — Chicagoans reacted Friday to news that the U.S. Supreme Court will take up the issue of gay marriage.

Two families led by gay couples were optimistic it would finally mean the legalization of gay marriage nationwide.

Gay couples Mercedes Santos and Theresa Volpe and Jaime Garcia and Daryl Rizzo were enjoying the holiday season downtown. They say the photos they took will help them mark the night they learned the high court would review California’s state constitutional ban on gay marriage.

“This is very exciting for our family,” Santos said.

“The definition of equality for our daughter, for our families, will include her fathers,” Rizzo said.

The women say the court’s decision could change how their family is viewed when one of their kids gets sick.

“We can both say we’re his parents and not have any issues regarding people asking questions about it, having to explain ourselves,” Volpe said.

Not everyone is pleased to see the Supreme Court act.

“We believe that courts should not be deciding this issue, whether it’s the Supreme Court or local courts. We believe this is for the people of each state to decide,” Ralph Rivera of the Illinois Family Institute said.

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