CHICAGO (CBS) — Seven South Shore residents are displaced tonight, after a fire destroyed their homes.

Firefighters began fighting the fire early Sunday morning, during the four o’clock hour, on 75th Place, between Exchange and Coles.

Crews say it started in one row house, and spread to the one next door.

Firefighters tell us they pulled an elderly man out of the building, where the fire started.

He was having trouble breathing and was taken to Jackson Park Hospital.

James Gray lives next door, and was also caught in the fire. He tells CBS 2 he was sleeping when he woke up to hear his neighbor yelling for help.

“I could hear crackling in my walls. I could honestly hear stuff dropping and fire crackling in my walls in my room and it was inch thick of black smoke when I got up, then I came downstairs and had to wake my brother up because he was sleep and get him out of there,” said Gray.

Gray and his family lost everything in the fire.

The cause is still under investigation.

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