(WSCR) After the 2013 season, Bears quarterback Jay Cutler will become an unrestricted free agent.

As is such in the NFL, contract extension chatter will likely begin following the 2012 season. One former Bears quarterback said the team would be wise to avoid a long-term deal with Cutler.

“I’m not giving Jay Cutler any new money,” Jim Miller told The McNeil and Spiegel Show. “Why the hell would the Bears give Jay Cutler any new money? The guy is going to make $8.47 million next year and he can’t stay on the field. It’s the health, No. 1 – he can’t stay on the field. And right now, you’re seeing Russell Wilson win out in Seattle. You’re seeing RGIII win over there in Washington. So, any talk of any hometown discounts – if anybody is getting a discount it’s the Bears organization with what they offer Jay Cutler.”

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Miller pointed to the new rookie wage scale as a reason why the Bears may be better off looking for their next quarterback in the draft, rather than re-signing Cutler.

“You could draft a guy whether it’s this year or next year and let Jay Cutler play it out,” Miller said. “Jay Cutler has to prove he can stay on the field. Since the knee injury, he’s had a broken thumb, he’s a had a rib injury and now he has a concussion history, which is the kiss of death in the National Football League. … Why would the Bears give Jay Cutler $100 million when they can give a draft pick three-quarters less than that. They can give a guy $25 million, which is roughly $75 million less than what they’d give Jay Cutler, until he proves he can stay healthy.”

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