(WSCR) In an incredible act of forgiveness, the mother of former Dallas Cowboys linebacker Jerry Brown, who was killed by teammate Josh Brent in a drunken driving accident, is asking that Brent be present with the family at Brown’s memorial service scheduled for Tuesday.

Brent was released on $500,000 bond Sunday after being charged with intoxication manslaughter, one day after drunkenly crashing his car, killing Brown.

Stacey Jackson, Brown’s mother, said she’s simply praying for Brent and his family and is asking that he attend Brown’s memorial service with her and her family.

“I was upset, but I realized that our youth today are young and stupid, and we were all once that age, and we’ve all done things we’re not proud of,” Jackson said on Monday’s Piers Morgan Tonight show on CNN. “I realized that everyone thinks they’re invincible, and everyone thinks, ‘it’s not going to happen to me.’ I know Josh Brent, and he’s been part of our family since Jerry went to the University of Illinois — all I can do is to pray for him and his family. I know [Brent] is hurting just as much as we are, because [he] and Jerry were like brothers.”

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