Updated 12/12/12 – 5:05 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — The marriage bureau was hopping today at Chicago’s City Hall as couples flocked to have 12-12-12 as their wedding date.

A spokesperson for the Marriage Court at City Hall said 155 couples were married today. That’s not as many people as get married there on Valentine’s Day, but far ahead of the daily average of 20-30 couples.

As she waited her turn in a long line to get married, Gina Wong said, as an Asian American, she and her fiancé believe in the power of numerology.

“In China, they even gave this special date for promotions, everything,” she said. “It’s a huge thing in China.”

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Veronica Beltran and Jeff Vega were also one of many couples who got married today at City Hall.

Did they pick today because they consider 12-12-12 a lucky day?

“Every day is our lucky day, right dear?” Beltran said.

Joshua Drake and Melissa Chavez said numbers had less to do with setting this as their wedding day.

They met on this day five years ago, and knew it would be crowded. But they went ahead, anyway.

Couples are hoping the special date will bring them special luck has the begin their lives together.

Bride Maria Fabrikant said she purposefully chose the date: “It’s a beautiful date, and I can’t wait to unite with my future husband.”

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