Sandy Hook Tragedy Evokes Horrible Memory Of Laurie Dann Rampage

Laurie Dann

On May 20, 1988, Laurie Dann shot six children in a school in Winnetka, leaving one dead, then took a family hostage and shot a college student before taking her own life. (Credit: CBS)

CHICAGO (CBS) — The tragedy in Connecticut has sparked the terrible memory of another elementary school shooting in the Chicago area more than two decades ago.

On May 20, 1988, a woman named Laurie Dann terrorized the community of Winnetka.

She walked into Hubbard Woods Elementary school with three handguns tucked into her shorts.

Dann shot six children, killing one of them, eight-year-old Nicholas Corwin.

She then took hostages at a nearby home, and shot a college student before taking her own life.

That student was Phil Andrew, who went on to become an FBI agent. It was a career path directly forged by the tragedy.

Amy Moses, the substitute teacher inside the classroom, has since left the teaching profession.

Dann’s rampage is one that still resonates in the North Shore community.

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