Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears

CHICAGO (CBS) — One of the last columnists that you would expect to write about sports is piling on the anti-Brian Urlacher bandwagon.

Sun-Times political columnist Carol Marin writes that Urlacher is “a spoiled brat who doesn’t deserve fan loyalty. Or the percentage of the eye-popping ticket price he collects as his team loses yet another game.”

Urlacher has come under criticism for saying this week that he doesn’t care about fans or the media.

So, Marin suggests, fans should tear up his autograph and give their number 54 jerseys to Goodwill.

If fans see him on the street, they should ignore him.

She writes: “He’s earned it.”

Fellow Sun-Times columnist Rick Morrissey wrote this week that Urlacher’s comments are simply an extension of the franchise’s view of the media, and the fans, too.

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