(WSCR) This week’s Crap of the Week goes out to Matt Abbatacola.

This, from BP in Peoria.

This goes out to Matt Abbatacola who, last Thursday, said, “My baby is due on Christmas, and I can’t wait.” Can’t wait, Matt? Really? I just had my second baby two weeks ago. I’d like to know what you can’t wait for… Is it the constant crying? The constant wailing? The lack of any meaningful sleep? The screwing up at your day job because you’ve had no sleep? The all-too-frequent calls to the nurse because the baby is making some weird sound you’ve never heard before? The non-stop changing of crap-filled diapers? The non-stop smell of crap-filled diapers as you pile them into the Diaper Genie sitting in your living room, rather than taking them out to the trash? Or could it be the short-term lockdown on bedroom activity? Matt, instead of “can’t waiting” for your baby to arrive, be on your knees praying to God that this next week lasts as long as possible. My advice? Hang out with the wife, get drunk a few last times, because after that baby arrives, you’re going to be asking yourself only one last question: Who am I crapping?

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