Top Five (5) Tips for Committing #26Acts

1. Commit to doing selfless acts for others all year long. These shouldn’t be done only when tragedy strikes.

2. Offer support to your local teachers. Many of us are focused on the children that lost their lives and forgetting the teachers who gave their lives as well. Teachers are on the front lines and should be supported!

3. Go back to letter writing! Write one piece of personal correspondence every week as a random act of kindness.

4. Share your acts of kindness all year long on your social media sites. Post a photo of what you’ve done on Facebook, tweet about it on Twitter. By sharing, you will give others ideas on how to participate.

5. Have a discussion about it with your family at the dinner table. Make it a family “thing” to commit random acts of kindness all year round!

BONUS TIP: Set a budget for performing these acts of kindness! A budget can help you make the most out of your acts.

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