CHICAGO (CBS) — The snow started falling on the North-Side around 9 this morning, just as kids and parents were waking up or wrapping up from opening all their Christmas gifts.

Many say the snow was the best present they got today.

“It’s great that the first day of snow is Christmas day so the kids were just really excited,” said Matt Aaronson. “Excited and eager to play in it.”

“As soon as we saw it, we knew we had to go sledding,” said Sara Furie.

“I got so excited, that I just said let’s go get dressed very quickly,” said Lizzie Furie.

Alex Aaronson and her sister Caroline had the same reaction. They had been looking forward to the sledding, and they weren’t disappointed.

When asked how the sledding went, Caroline said, “I liked it!”

Over and over again they went, which meant no break for dad.

“She wants a push. (Excuse us for interrupting the sledding. Dad do your duty. We’ll talk with mom.) (laughter) you want to go backward?

“We had no idea it was going to snow this morning so when they looked out the window, they all ran and looked out and were really more excited,” said Kate Sanderson. “We should watch more news weather for sure.”

Some folks watch the news and were prepared with snow blowers, shovels, and ice scrapers, but there were no complaints.

“Shoveling is good,” said Darrel Banks. “It’s good for the cardio.”

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