By Brad Edwards

CHICAGO (CBS) — Blues fans are smiling big tonight as Chicago icon, Buddy Guy was honored tonight for groundbreaking music.

He’s now amongst the very few, a Kennedy Center Honoree, the top honor for an artist in the country.

CBS 2’s Brad Edwards on the legend and the state of Chicago blues.

Before he was a genre’s juggernaut, he played a stage where a couple young comics, eons ago, practiced a schtick. They’re names were Belushi and Akroyd.

Edwards trekked up 50 stairs to the owner, a near nonagenarian with an earing.

“A rebel,” said Kingston Mines owner “Doc” Pellegrino. “A bit of a rebel, but not a wild rebel.”

A legend, on a legend

“He’s been a very good ambassador for the blues,” said Pellegrino.

“He’s vastly known for his speed licks which is part of the fire he brought to blues,” said blues musician Lance Lewis. “He made it cross it cross race barriers. Especially in Britian, those being Clapton and Zeppelin.

Guy was a Louisana born, self-taught, a critically acclaimed pioneer and a showman.

When asked what the Guy’s honor means to him, Lewsis said, “I’m taking taking it personally, it means a lot to Chicago blues musicians.”

It’s a genre at an ebb.

“You can never kill the blues, but is it just above life support? Yes!” said Lewis.

A style in need of a new generation of icon.

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