(WSCR) This week’s Crap of the Week goes out to Lomas Brown.

Lomas Brown was an All-Pro tackle for the Lions every year from 1990-1996. During a game in 1994 between the Detroit Lions & the Green Bay Packers, Lions QB Scott Mitchell was having a bad game. Actually, Mitchell was having a bad career, but that’s not important now.  Earlier this week, while being interviewed on Booyah Radio’s “SVP & Russillo Show,” Brown told the story of how he decided to remove Mitchell, his own QB, from that game…. “We were getting beat 24-3 at the time, and (Mitchell) just stunk up the place, throwing interceptions, just everything. I looked at Kevin Glover, our All-Pro center, and I said, ‘Glove, that is it.’ I said, ‘I’m getting him out of the game.'” So I gave it the set out, but I got the gator arms on the guy at the last minute. He got around me. He hit Scott Mitchell. He did something to his finger. I don’t know what he did to it, but he came out of the game.”

After enduring a few days of incredulous reactions from Mitchell, his former Lions teammates, current members of the Lions, the Twitterverse, and essentially the entire sports world, Lomas Brown spoke up today. “That was 1994, and I was extremely frustrated with the situation that was going on. I didn’t try to get the guy hurt, but that’s what ended up happening.”

Actually, Lomas, you did try to get Mitchell hurt. That’s why you told “Glove” that you were “getting him out of the game.” You gator armed your block so that the man you were facing could get a clean shot on your own quarterback, and “get him out of the game.” You tanked it on purpose. And your QB got hurt, because that was your plan. That’s why guys leave games Lomas…because they’re hurt. So stop lying. And furthermore, the only reason you’ve backed away from your arrogant wisecracking about the incident is because of the shocked reaction from the public, and probably because you got chewed out by your normally tone-deaf bosses at ESPN. It’s too late to gloss over this with a non-apology apology. It’s out there. From now on, Lomas Brown, you won’t be remembered as a perennial All-Pro. You’ll be remembered as the guy who intentionally got his own QB injured because the guy was having a bad game. In short, sir, you are a scumbag.

Lomas Brown, WYC?

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