By Suzanne Le Mignot

(CBS) – After a snow drought, part of Chicago saw fluffy flakes.

The question remains: Why haven’t we had more?

So far this winter season, there has only been seven-tenths of an inch of snow in Chicago, when there should have been more like 8 1/2  inches.

CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot talks with Chicago’s National Weather Service to see how those official readings are taken.

NWS meteorologist Richard Castro uses a snow measurement stick on a “snowboard” to see how much snow fell Friday in Romeoville. The answer: only half an inch.

“That’s how much we got here and they got even less at O’Hare, continuing the one-inch snow draught,” Castro says.

Castro says the month of December was unseasonably warm, which prevented cold air masses from building.

“We’ve had 307 consecutive days without a subfreezing temperature in Chicago. The record is 308 in 1978,” he says.

Compared to Chicago, Castro says one of the biggest weather stunners is the recent 10-plus inches of snowfall in Little Rock, Ark.

He says lakeshore areas, especially Northwest Indiana, will get their share of snowfall Saturday in the form of lake-effect snow.

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