NAPERVILLE (CBS) — Chad Martinez and his wife Meghan’s second child wasn’t due for another few weeks, but when her water broke Friday night, Martinez knew it was time to roll.

As they were on the way to the hospital, Meghan’s contractions were getting worse. Their daughter wasn’t about to wait to get to the hospital so he had to pull over along I-88.

“By the time we got to I-88 and Naperville Road, she had her contractions kept getting more severe to the point where the baby’s foot was coming out.”

Martinez says the baby was breach and he needed to act fast.

“It’s amazing how instinct and training automatically kicks in,” said Martinez.

When she was delivered she wasn’t breathing and had the umbilical chord wrapped around her neck thanks to his training, he says he was able to revive his baby safely.

“Hearing her cry was amazing. I never thought I’d use my training, let alone on my own child. I didn’t even have my medical training bag with me.”

The paramedics quickly arrived and Mom and baby are doing fine. Martinez says he would have never believed he’d deliver his own daughter. He called it an honor and a bond that will last forever.

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