CHICAGO (CBS) — In Springfield and Washington, there will be talks on Wednesday centered on the issue of gun control.

Vice President Joe Biden will talk with gun violence victims and gun safety organizations, CBS 2’s Susanna Song reports.

In Springfield, the new General Assembly will be tasked with rewriting the state’s concealed carry law, which was ruled unconstitutional last month.

Lawmakers face a June 1 deadline to rewrite the law and allow people to carry firearms in public.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is asking a federal appeals court to review the ruling and reverse it.

The deadly school shooting in Newtown, Conn., has also ignited the debate on gun control on a national level.

President Obama created a task force to get recommendations on ways to reduce gun violence.

On Thursday, the National Rifle Association will send representatives to meet with Biden to get their side.

In Illinois, the NRA says if the court does not uphold the ruling to strike the state’s concealed carry ban, it will take the issue to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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