CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago public school parents had another chance to complain about the prospect of their school closing today, this time in front of a state panel.

CPS Parent Ardourthus McDowell tells members of the Chicago Educational Facilities Task Force there should be a moratorium on school closures.

“I am morally in-dignified about this nonsense that is being perpetrated on our children,” said McDowell.

Valerie Leonard, a co-founder of the Lawndale Alliance, says CPS should really consider they consequences of wide-spread closures, when a University of Chicago study finds students lose six months of learning when they switch schools.

“We are behind the eight-ball, we really can’t afford to continue putting ourselves six months behind and then on top of that the new schools take five years to develop,” said Leonard.

Earlier, public comments persuaded the panel advising the CPS on Thursday to recommend that improving large and high schools not be included on the list of closures, coming by the end of March.

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