(CBS) The Wrigleyville Rooftops Association unveiled a new advertising plan Friday that would put digital signs on their buildings with all of the revenue going to the Cubs and the City of Chicago.

With their businesses threatened by new Wrigley Field renovation plans that could block the rooftop views, the businesses gathered at Murphy’s Bleachers to announce the plan they claim will generate $10-20 million annually.

“We believe this common sense plan is a win-win for the community, rooftops, City Hall and the Cubs,” Beth Murphy, from Murphy’s Bleachers, said.

The rooftop owners said they will forgo all revenue generated from the digital signs as long as their current views remain protected.

“It will be a sad day if thousands of baseball fans who come to Wrigleyville to see a game from a rooftop have their view blocked,” Cubby Bear owner George Loukas said.

According to projected numbers provided by the rooftops Friday, the Cubs would get $70 million over the life of a 20-year contract.

But the Ricketts family, which owns the Cubs, argued they’d get more money if they put up their own signs inside the stadium.

“The Ricketts Family and the Chicago Cubs want the right to run their business,” the Cubs said in a statement. “None of this is possible with continued restrictions and outside business interests blocking the Cubs from generating revenue.”

The Cubs argued they would get far less money from digital billboards on rooftops that aren’t visible during most television broadcasts of the games.

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