CHICAGO (CBS) — They used to be tightly held secrets, more than the actual game plans before the big game.

While the Harbaugh brothers are still keeping their game plans for Sunday’s Super Bowl under wraps, the companies behind the Super Bowl commercials are hyping them more than the game itself.

Now, that game plan is to create buzz on social media, posting teasers or asking fans to vote for a spot.

Many of the commercials are already on You Tube—with the thinking being that they will generate more tune-in and engagment on Sunday. (The game between San Francisco and Baltimore is on CBS … wink, wink)

Here is some of what you can expect outside the lines on Sunday.

Plus, we included one commercial from the past that never made it to air.

It has a lot of bad words, but it’s pretty f-in awesome.

Toyota’s Super Bowl Commercial Starring “The Big Bang Theory’s” Kaley Cuoco.

Go Daddy Commerical – Not As Sexy, But With Cameo By Danica Patrick

Blackberry Shows Off Newest Phone, Which Looks Like A Certain Other Phone

Volkswagen—Come On, Get Happy

Wheat Thins-Night Vision

Cars.Com Commerical Teaser: “We’ll Bring The Drama”

Kate Upton Mercedes Benz: You Missed A Spot


Swear Jar: One You Never Saw (But About 3 Million Did On You Tube)

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