By Marissa Bailey

TINLEY PARK, Ill. (CBS) – Five years and six thousand tips later, there has been no arrest yet in the Lane Bryant massacre.

Saturday marks the fifth anniversary of the day five women were fatally shot in the back of a Tinley Park clothing store.

CBS 2’s Marissa Bailey talks with the husband and sister of one of the victims.

February 2, 2008 was the darkest day for the family of Jennifer Bishop. Police were initially hopeful they’d find the man responsible, relying on a detailed description of the shooter from the sole survivor.

Every time she gets an email from the Tinley Park police, Michelle Talos, Jennifer’s sister, gets the hope that there is a break in the case. But there hasn’t been.

As for Brian Bishop, the victim’s husband, he’s not counting on ever seeing a resolution.

“Would you like to see justice done? Yes, but do I lose sleep because he’s still out there at night? No,” he says.

Photos of the victims hang on the wall in what police have dubbed the war room, where investigators work each and every day to find the Lane Bryant killer.

“It’s been a lot of stops and starts, a lot of hopes,” Tinley Park Police Cmdr. Pat McCain says.

But with no surveillance video from inside the store or a DNA match yet, police are at a standstill.

“There is somebody out there who knows who did this, and we want them coming forward,” McCain says.

February 2nd may be a somber anniversary, but it’s also the day Jennifer Bishop’s family celebrates her memory.

“I’m glad that’s what takes precedence over anything else is her smile,” Michelle says.

Jennifer and Brian Bishop had three small children at the time of the shooting. The youngest was just five months old.

Brian Bishop says their mother’s pictures still hang in the house, even though he recently remarried. He says his two older kids ask about Jennifer from time to time. They are straight-A students and doing well now.

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