Cop Accused Of Seducing Women Involved In Domestic Disputes (page 2)

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Elmwood Park Police Sgt. John Wasilenko (Credit: CBS)

Elmwood Park Police Sgt. John Wasilenko (Credit: CBS)

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Paccagnini is one of three men who said Wasilenko is out of control, and Elmwood Park police officials would not do enough to stop him.

One man, who wanted to remain anonymous, said he called Elmwood Park police for help, after an uninvited former fiancée kept showing up at his apartment.

He said Wasilenko got a hold of his complaint, saw the former fiancée’s picture, and starting asking her out.

“I believe he knows exactly what he is doing,” he said. The man believes Wasilenko has been using his position to prey on women.

He also said Wasilenko followed him, and even showed up at his health club, asking people when he comes and goes.

A third man, Alex Demeter, said Wasilenko made personal visits to his ex-wife’s house while on duty, and tried to start a fight with him too.

“My son had a soccer game, and he [Wasilenko] shows up there, and he’s threatening me,” said Demeter.

“I have complained substantially,” said Demeter about his calls to Elmwood Park police officials.

This did not happen under his watch, so Elmwood Park Police Chief Frank Fagiano would only say an officer was investigated and disciplined, and would not give out any further details involving personnel matters.

Using the Law Enforcement Agencies Data System for non-police matters is a felony. The alleged victims in this case said they want an outside agency to investigate the sergeant.

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