(CBS) – If you’ve listened to Bears general manager Phil Emery speak, you know he doesn’t exactly come across as a gambling man.

Emery is now known for his careful, methodical approach to decision making. He’s a thoughtful general manager, who doesn’t rush when making important moves.

But Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk said Emery is taking quite the gamble with new head coach Marc Trestman, whose only head coaching experience comes from his time in the Canadian Football League.

“This is a heck of an experiment and it opens up a new universe of potential head coaches if it works,” Florio told The McNeil and Spiegel Show. “There have been some CFL coaches in the past who’ve had success in the past – Marv Levy, Bud Grant – but it really hasn’t been recently a pipeline for the NFL.

“I still think there’s a lingering uncertainty as to how a guy who was out of the NFL for eight years becomes the top choice for the Bears as a head coach. Why didn’t he become a head coach during that period of time that he was an offensive coordinator and potentially on the hot list?”

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