Report: Boozer-Bargnani Deal ‘On The Table’ But Not Imminent

(CBS) A potential trade between the Bulls and Raptors involving Carlos Boozer and Andrea Bargnani is “still on the table” but not imminent, according to a report.

The trade would send Boozer and point guard Nate Robinson to Toronto for Bargnani and John Lucas III, but’s Aggrey Sam reports the Raptors are hesitant to take on the remaining salary on Boozer’s contract.

One source confirmed the trade talks to Sam, but downplayed it happening, saying: “There’s nothing to it. Nothing’s going on.”

However, another source said the Bulls made the offer a “week-and-a-half ago” and it is still on the table, according to the report.

The NBA trade deadline is Feb. 21.

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