CHICAGO (CBS) — Hadiya Pendleton’s family had said they wanted to keep politics out of the 15-year-old murder victim’s funeral and despite the political undertones, considering some of the guests, they mostly did.

With the first lady, governor and hundreds of others looking on, many of Hadiya Pendleton’s friends spoke at the three-hour service, each saying she was Hadiya’s best friend.

“You see like colors of flowers, the laughter of a child or just the waves at the beach you know, that’s her,” said one friend.

“I had a dream that she gave me a hug and like two days before that I had tweeted ‘I just wanted the last hug’ and I believe that she came back to give me the last hug,” said another friend.

Her godfather said don’t tell me we can put a man on the moon but we can’t come together to stop the violence and priest-activist Fr. Michael Pfleger spoke.

“Your angel has become the face and the tragic reality of the epidemic of gun violence,” said Pfleger. “We must interrupt the code of silence that is hiding people, killers in our own community.”

Hadiya’s mother, Cleopatra, after all the tributes, stood smiling.

“All we can do is rejoice,” she said.

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